Springer Eco

Springer Eco

Remote-controlled emission free combined excavator and demolition robot

Remote controlled, zero emissions with innovative battery charging system (dual energy) mini digger/demolition robot SpringerEco

SpringerEco can be charged while working while it is connected on 3 phase.

– Electric engine: 6 kW (Brand: Tamel, Made in Poland)
– Hetronic Remote Controll
– Hydraulic Pump: 8cc Casappa (Made in Italy)
– Hydraulic pressure: 160 bar
– Oil flow: 25l/minute
– Batteries: 2x Briggs&Stratton Vanguard Lithium-Ion 5 kWh (made in Usa, with 3 years warranty)
– Battery charger: Vanguard 1050W
– Working time: 4 hours digging, 1,5 hour working on hammer.
– Charging time on 230v: 8 hours 
– Weight: 1100 kg (with counterweight)
– Max height: 2,10 m
– Digging depth: 1,65 m (1,75 m with quick coupling)
– Hydraulic oil cooler
– Rotation: 360°
– Width: 80 cm
– Two operating modes: slow for precise work and fast for standard digging or hammer work
– Work on the hammer is recommended when machine is connected to the power cable

Equipment included in price:
– bucket 20 cm wide
– bucket 30 cm wide
– grading bucket 70 cm wide
– ripper tool
– 2x led lights
– cable for battery charging
– cable for working
– hoses and coupling for hammer

Price 59.600 Euro plus VAT 

Additional equipment: (click on link below)
Hydraulic auger with set of Makita drills: Ø100, Ø150, Ø200 mm
Rake bucket, Sieve bucket, 40 cm bucket
Atlas Copco / Epiroc SB52 hydraulic hammer 3.200 Euro plus VAT

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