Springer E

Electric mini digger Springer-E that can rotate 360° 

5,5 kW 400V 3 phase electric engine – powered from electric network or electric generator with power around 10 kW
Alternatively a 3.0 kW 1 phase motor, powered from mains or generator on 5 kW 25 amp fuse
Hydraulic pump 140 bar
Maximum height: 2,10 m
Digging depth: 1,20 m
Rotation: 360 °
Width: 76 cm
Weight: 450 kg (can be transported without E category in driver license)
Mini digger has got declaration of conformity CE.
Guarantee – 24 months.

Exemplary usage:
earthworks (sewerage, drainage, scarp, foundations)
works in the garden (irrigation, swimming pools, ponds)
excavating energy and telecom cables

Equipment included:
bucket 20 cm
bucket 30 cm
grading bucket 60 cm
teeth ripper tool

Additional equipment:

Hydraulic auger with set of Makita drills: Ø100, Ø150, Ø200 mm.
Bucket 13 cm and 40 cm

Price 9.240 Euro plus VAT  

Mini digger Springer-E Manual English

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