Mini excavators made in Europe

Price from 6.280 Euro

Now we can deliver our first environmentally friendly and quiet battery-powered excavator with a 5 kWh or 7 kWh Vanguard battery

Remotely controlled, zero emissions with innovative battery charging system (dual energy) combined excavator and demolition robot

Springer MAX PRO can be equipped with hydraulic hammer or other tools

Springer Max PRO-E Eletric and can be equipped with hydraulic hammer

Springer Max, also a strong digger, is here lifting our smaller Springer

Speinger Max with electric motor

Springer Max with electric motor

Springer,our smallest digger with 360-degree rotation 

Springer with electric motor, can be used with 230 volt or 400 volt

Graashopper, our smallest digger. No 360 but can like all our diggers use the auger

Three buckets plus a teeth ripper tool is included

More buckets are available

Makita augers are available as accessories

Chassis for your DIY-project

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